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Fraternal Jewelry

Masonic Jewelry
Style: 191
Price Code: D

Although we create many custom pieces of Fraternal Jewelry we try to keep a healthy inventory of pieces on hand. Many of them are from estates and have been refurbished. This allows us to sell them at prices greatly reduced from "new" prices. Though we work with the designs of many organizations, we are mainly involved in jewelry of the Masonic Fraternity and its appendant bodies.

Masonic Jewelry
Style: B900
Price Code: B


The letters assigned to each style represent approximate prices as illustrated below. Please call or email for actual prices.
10 kt. 14 kt.
A    $900 $1095
$1000 $1275
C $1100 $1350
D $1200 $1470
E $1300 $1600
F $1400 $1695
F+ More than F

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Prices subject to change.

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